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About ZMU 

Zunyi Medical University (ZMU), a key medical university at the provincial level in Guizhou Province, is located in Zunyi, a city celebrated historically, culturally and scenically. ZMU’s predecessor, Dalian Medical University, was established in 1947. It was, by order of the State Council, moved to Zunyi in 1969 to support the development of the Southwestern China and renamed as Zunyi Medical University. The 64 years since its foundation has witnessed ZMU developing into a highly accredited multi-disciplinary and multi-specialty medical education institution.

Facts and Figures

ZMU’s two completed campuses (one in Zunyi, Guizhou Province; the other in Zhuhai, Guangdong Province) cover a floor area of 827,077 square meters, and a campus under construction, Xinpu campus, covers 1.3 million square meters. Its administrative and classroom buildings total 161,435 square meters, students dormitories 71,067 square meters, and sports grounds 43,165 square meters.

The university boasts 93.64 million RMB worth apparatuses and equipment for teaching and research, 67 multi-media classrooms and 9 language laboratories and 1,312 computers for teaching and experiment.The computerized library with a floor space of 19,110 square meters and convenient access to resources navigation enjoys a collection of 1,510 thousand books, including 690 thousand electronic ones.

It has established links with about 400 universitys, universities and medical institutions across the country in exchange for resources.

The library, a provincial authorized institution for academic searching, has now got the authorization for academic searching of Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China. The university established its campus network in 2001, making it the one among the first three provincial universitys&universities with access to CERNET.

ZMU offers programs

14 undergraduate programs:

Clinical Medicine,



Human services administration,

Pharmaceutical Preparation,


Diagnostic Radiology,

Medical Test,

Physical education,


Information and Computer Science,



Preventive Medicine

37 master programs and 1 joint doctoral program.

The university is composed of 21 schools and departments:

Zhuhai Campus,

School of Preclinical Medicine,

No.1 Clinical School, Stomatological School,

Pharmaceutical School, Nursing School, Graduate School,

Adults & Further Education School,

Humanities & Social Science Department,

Human Services Administration Department,

Anesthesiological Department,

Aesthetic Medicine Department,

Diagnostic Radiology Department,

Medical Test Department,

Forensic Medicine Department,

Physical Education Department,

Medical Information Engineering Department,

Foreign Languages Department,

Bioengineering Department, etc.

The university has

116 teaching and research sections,

22 teaching and scientific research laboratories,

4 research centers,

3 directly affiliated and 7 non-directly-affiliated hospitals,

25 teaching hospitals,

25 non-medical teaching and training bases.

Among them, Stomatology, anesthesiology, clinic medicine are the leading undergraduate programs at thenational level;

Clinical Medicine, Stomatology, Anesthesiology, Diagnostic Radiology, pharmaceutical preparation and nursing are leading undergraduate programs at theprovincial level.

Subjects like pharmacology, molecular biology, internal medicine, stomatological clinical medicine, anesthesiology and immunology are key disciplines at theprovincial level.

The pediatric surgery section, oncological section and anesthesiological section are key medical sections at theprovincial level.

The university is renowned by atop-quality courseat the national level, 12 at the provincial level, 22 at the collegiate level and 10 collegiate quality courses. It boasts a training base accredited by The Ministry of Health, 6 provincial ones, 1 accredited by China Medicine Association, 2 innovation bases for postgraduates, 1 national model center and 2 provincial ones for experiment and teaching, 1 provincial center for medicine humanities, 2 provincial key laboratories.


153 professors, 271 associate professors, 254 lecturers, and 23 teaching assistants, of whom 393 hold masters or Ph.D degrees, constitute the numerally substantial, structurally reasonable and professionally competent faculty. Among them, there are 8 doctoral supervisors, 326 master supervisors, and 5 star teachers accredited by the provincial government.

International Exchange and Cooperation

On the basis of intercollegiate coordination, the university has held academic exchanges and cooperation in researches with

Purdue University, Hannover medical school,

The Institute of Neurology of CAS’Shanghai Institutes for Biological Science ,

Sichuan University,

Dalian Medical University,

Chongqing Medcial University,

Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and

Kiangwu Nursing University of Macau.

Experts from the USA, the UK, Japan, Canada, New Zealand, Switzerland, Germany and other countries arrive here in succession to give lectures at the university’s invitation.


ZMU has won many honors, such as:

A Level University for Undergraduate Teaching,

A Level University for Physical Education Course,

A Level University for the implementation of Regulations for School’s Physical Education,

A Level Teaching Affairs Office,

National Advanced Unit for bringing scientific, cultural and medical services to the rural areas,

National Advanced Unit for Caring the Next generation,

National Advanced Unit for Auditing,

Guizhou Advanced Unit for Teaching and Administration,

Guizhou Civilized Unit,

Guizhou A Level Teaching Affairs Office.

Contact Us


(Xinpu Campus)

No.6 West Xuefu Road,

Xinpu District,Zunyi City,

Guizhou Province

(Zhuhai Campus)

Jinhai'an,Jinwan District,Zhuhai City,Guangdong Province

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