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An Introduction to Adult Continuing Education School
2012-06-27   审核人:

AdultContinuing Education Schoolof Zunyi Medical College is the functional department for adults to achieve higher education, and its predecessor is Division of Adults Continuing Education of Zunyi Medical College. Relying on high-quality educational resources, the school of adult continuing education has begun enrollment since 1994. It has been gradually building into a sound management institution with wholesome regulations, professional competence instructors and management team. The prominent achievement is that there are over 60 graduates enrolled as the postgraduates, and some as the doctoral candidates. The teaching effectiveness of Adult Continuing Education is at the top of list in the province. Adult Continuing Education School of our college is based on Zunyi city and services for whole Guizhou province, to meet the demand for in-service medical technicians to attain higher educations. To aim at training professional and technical personnel in various medical institutions, the school vigorously carries out Adult Continuing Education mainly with the medical academic education, supplemented by a variety of medical-related professional qualifications training, which is able to satisfy the diversity of medical adult education requirements.

Leaders of Adults Continuing Education School:

Secretary of the Party Committee: Ma Jiqing

Dean: Liu Qian

Assistant Dean: Li Fei

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School Office


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Adults Continuing Education School Zone

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