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About the First Clinical Institute
2012-06-27   审核人:

The Clinical Teaching Section of Zunyi Medical University was founded in 1991, and was attached to Zunyi Medical University, under the control of the affiliated hospital of Zunyi Medical University. It was renamed the first Clinical Institute of ZMC in 2007 with approval of Department of Education of Guizhou Province.

The first Clinical Institute is composed of 16 teaching and research sections, one state-level experimental teaching demonstration center for clinical skills. Anesthesiology and Clinical Medicine are ranked as National Characteristic Specialty. Anesthesiology and Internal Medicine are two key disciplines at the provincial level. The branches of Anesthesiology, Pediatric Surgery, and Oncology are regarded as key specialties by the Health Department of Guizhou Province. The subjects of Pathology, Surgery, Internal Medicine, Neuropsychiatry, Beauty and Dermatology, and Gynecology and Obstetrics are key subjects of the college. Among the courses, Anesthetic Pharmacology is appraised as quality course at the state level. And Internal Medicine, Gynecotokology, and Surgery are appraised as provincial quality courses. And Pediatrics, Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery are the college’s quality courses.

The first Clinical Institute has always attached great importance to teaching and research and has achieved great progress in talent training, scientific research and social service. Over the past decades, it cultured almost 30,000 qualified graduates and a batch of outstanding teachers, among which professors Zhao Kui and Yu Tian were honored with National Model Teacher in 2001 and 2005 respectively, and Sun Li Guizhou distinguished teacher in 2008. In recent 5 years, 29 academic monographs and textbooks have been issued, and over 1800 research papers have been published in journals and periodicals at or above the provincial level, with 16 included and cited by SCI. The Institute has been awarded 339 scientific research projects, 13 of which were Projects of Natural Science Foundation of China, 1 major project funded by the Ministry of Health, 3 sub-topics of the Ministry of Health, 3 sub-project of major projects by the Ministry of Health, 58 items of scientific achievements, 5 items of teaching achievements, 13 patents, and 3 Science and technology progress prize. Besides that, its neuroscience has been awarded one item of National Key Laboratory, and the whole Department of Anesthesiology leaded by Professor Yu Tian has won the Technological Innovation Team of Guizhou Province.

In accordance with the general requirements ofconsolidation, deepening, improvement, and development, the whole staff of the first Clinical Institute adhere to the school motto of “being virtue-consciousness, being diligent, seeking truth, being practical”, and “Solidarity, self-improvement, dedication, innovation” as its code of conduct, set the goal of fostering application-oriented talents with high quality, and give priority to teaching quality, in the hope of constructing a clinical teaching base with high level.

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