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About Department of Medical Cosmetology
2012-06-27   审核人:

Since its establishment in 2002,the Department of Medical Cosmetology of Zunyi Medical College(ZMC) has been an integrated institute in teaching, education, research, certification and quality control. Also The ZMC department of medical cosmetology has the affiliated esthetic hospital, provincial level medical cosmetology training base and quality control center. Currently, Li Lihua served as the Department Secretary who is responsible for construction of the Party Organization and student work. The Chairman of Department is Prof. Cao Bilan who is mainly responsible for the administrative and teaching business.

Zunyi Medical College has offered a lot of related support to the department. In August 1992, the first affiliated hospital of ZMC has set up the medical cosmetic center for clinical services. The school embarked on enrolling students on Medical Cosmetology including 3-year teaching program in 1994 and 5-year teaching program in 1999 respectively. The Department continues to grow, which was eventually established by People's Government of Guizhou province in 2002. The same year,Provincial Health Department approved the establishment of medical cosmetology training base. All dedication to the Department has made the affiliated esthetic hospital of ZMC come true in 2004. The Department has increased access to clinical services while providing specialized care in specialty clinics, 6 years later the provincial quality center was established sequentially.

there are more than 30 members working in the department, which is consisted of 6 professors, 6 associate professors, 8 persons with attending and 8 Master Instructors. Among the staff, one acquire doctorate and 11 are masters. In recent years, the Department has achieved quite a few success, such as the first prize on Guizhou Provincial Teaching Achievement Award, both special prize and first prize on medical teaching in ZMC. Prize on Guizhou Provincial Science and technology progress as well as on technology progress of Provincial Health department. Moreover, first prize on medical, scientific and technological progress in Guizhou province, third prize on Science progress in Zunyi city, and second prize for excellent papers in Guizhou province and so on.

Many outstanding research papers published which have been included in Science Citation Index(SCI)Periodical,like PeriodicalJ Invest Dermatol,The Toxinology Letters, Pharmacokinetics and Genomics, Environmental Health Perspectives,and hundreds of academic papers have been published in domestic authority and core journal. In addition, over 20 monographs and teaching materials were compiled, namely,People's Medical Publishing House,Science Press, Chinese Tcm Publishing House, Peking Union medical university Publishing House, People's Military Medical Press, Guizhou science and technology press,Guizhou minorities press, Sichuan science and technology press, Guangdong science and technology press.So far the Department has undertaken over twenty major research projects, includingNational Nature Science Foundation Project, Provincial Research Project, Governor Fund, ProvincialDepartment of Science and Technology fund, Chinese Medical Association,ProvincialEducation Department, City science and Technology Commission,and all kinds of district projects, with which the Department has awarded more than 1 million funds. In 2006, Medical Cosmetology Department successfully sponsored the Sixth National and the Eighth Army Laser Medical Academic Conference and held Provincial Laser medical Academic conference on behalf of Guizhou Laser medical branch. Annual assessment of student affairs was awarded NO.1 in ZMC many times. The rate of employment and postgraduates’ enrollment often come top.

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