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About the Second Clinical Institute
2014-09-16   审核人:

The Fifth Affiliated Hospital of Zunyi Medical College (Zhuhai), nickname: the Fifth Affiliated Hospital of Zunyi Medical College, referred to as the compliance of the five branches; second hospital name for the Doumen District People's Hospital of Zhuhai city. Hospital site in Doumen District of Zhuhai City, into the old schooldistrict (District of Doumen Jing An Zhen Gang Xia Road Zhuhai City, No. 268) and the new school district (Zhuhai city Doumen District peak South Road south wing).Compliance of the five branches is a non-profit public medical institution with the qualification of independent legal person cooperation organized by Zunyi Medical College and Zhuhai city Doumen District People's government, in 2003 September,the original Doumen District People's hospital staff and Zunyi Medical Collegejointly established sent comrades. Compliance of the five branches always adhere to the "talent strong school, virtue of Legislative Yuan Xing Yuan, characteristics,law school" run hospital policy, vigorously carry forward the "dedication of Hou Dezai medical, self-reliance" spirit and "put one's heart and soul into the school motto for people's health services" core values; unremittingly for the realization ofthe hospital: "his vision construction of three level of first-class hospital, become be worthy of the name of the Second Clinical College of Zunyi Medical College, Zhuhai city in the western area medical center; through long-term efforts, and strive to build Zhuhai and Guangdong first-class modern hospitals, to achieve the domestic,international advanced level in some specialty." And hard work.

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