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About School of Foregin Languages
2014-09-16   审核人:

At present, the School of Foreign Languages, which has 52 faculty members, focuses on undergraduate courses for 264 English Majors and about 8,000 non-English majors, and postgraduate courses. This is a team full of cohesion and combat effectiveness, 70% of the teachers have the master’s degree, and 28% of the teachers have had the experience of studying abroad. They left behind their footprints in the United States, UK, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore, Japan and other countries.

The School of Foreign Languages holds the core value of putting into practice what we have learned, developing the high-quality and practical talents for the grassroots. It gives students a four-year college English teaching. The School of Foreign Languages holds actively the reform and innovation of college English education to raise the overall quality of English teaching. It has carried out rich second classroom, causing quite a few students to get good results in many English competitions.

In 2009 the undergraduates of the School were qualified for the English graduate exemption from the entrance examination in the school of Foreign Languages, Southwest Jiaotong University. In August 2010 the School successfully held the Annual Conference and Symposium of Foreign Language Association of Guizhou Province.

In recent three years, the faculty of the School has had 20 research projects and total fund for them is 150,000 yuan. Besides that, the teachers have produced three academic books and 5 textbooks and published 80 papers, including 10 papers in core journals.

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Tel: +86 852 8609613

Add: No.201 Dalian Road,Huichuan District,Zunyi,Guizhou Province

Zip Code: 563003

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