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About School of Public Health
2014-09-16   审核人:

School of Public Health was established on January 4, 2011. Its predecessor was Department of Preventive Medicine. The School of Public Health mainly undertakes all courses about preventive medicine for undergraduates and graduates. There are two specialties in the school, which are Preventive Medicine and Quality and Safety of Food. There are 7 teaching and research sections, an administrative office and a laboratory in the school. There are 43 staffs in the school, including 6 professors, 9 associate professors, 3 engineers, 14 lecturers and 1 assistant. 20 of them have obtained doctor’s degree, and 18 have master’s degree. 3 of them have experience of working in Doctor’s Station. The school has 2 migratory talents of Guizhou Province, 2 migratory talents of Zunmi Medical College.

The Striking development has taken place in aspects of the teaching, constructions of disciplines and courses, personnel training and the spiritual civilization building in the school under the regard and support of the leaders of the college. Our school has formed a series of relatively complete mechanisms, including “the mechanism of personnel training” and “the mechanism of teaching encouraging and monitoring ’’ , etc.

The school assumescoursesof preventive medicine and health statistics for many specialties of undergraduates and graduates of the college, such as clinical medicine, oral medicine, food quality and safety, health management, laboratory medicine, pharmacy and drug test, ophthalmology, anesthesiology, medical image, clinical psychology, obstetrics and gynecology, nursing and social sports. The school has an authorization of master’s degree, a collegiate-key discipline, a collegiate-fine course and a collegiate-excellent course.

The school will continue to implement the guidelines of “quality education” of Ministry of Education and operation principles of college, regarding discipline construction as the leading, research work for the center, reform and innovation as the driving force, improving the quality of teaching as eternal themes, so as to cultivate practical talents who have“solid foundation, practical results, ability of creativity, and dedication to the people”. Simultaneously, we use our professional advantages to serve the community. We will strongly strive to develop the school in teaching and research, and after 10 to 15 years, the school would have higher overall strength, relatively complete disciplines, more advanced equipments, and more reasonable personnel structure.

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Tel: +86 852 8609326

Add: No.201 Dalian Road,Huichuan District,Zunyi,Guizhou Province

Zip Code: 563003

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