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About the Department of Anaesthesiology
2014-09-16   审核人:

In 1953, Dalian Medical College created the anesthesia department of surgeryexpert Professor Chen Rongdian, the famous work, marking the beginning ofanesthesiology in our hospital. In 1956 January, Professor Yu Zhihao anesthesia room work, carried out in 1957 1959 in hypothermic anesthesia, domestic earlierwill cardiopulmonary bypass technology applied in open heart operation, and success, the comprehensive strength of the anesthesia in our hospital professionalquickly catch up with the advanced level in china. Dalian Medical College in 1969,moved south to Zunyi, changed its name to Zunyi Medical College. In the well-known professor of Anesthesiology, Yu Tian Yu Zhihao under the leadership of Professor, Department of anaesthesiology inherited the glorious tradition of DalianMedical College, carry forward the spirit of the Long March, exploration and innovation, advance with the times in the process of development and expansion of the school, and gradually formed a distinctive, strong strength, advanced grouphas made great achievements in teaching, scientific research, medical etc.. After years of development, the Department of anesthesiology has become a clinicaldepartment of Anesthesiology, anesthesia department of pharmacology, pain clinicdepartment of institutions such as the important teaching department.

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