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Key Laboratory of Basic Pharmacology of Ministry of Education
2012-06-27   审核人:
The Department of Pharmacology at Zunyi Medical College was established by the Top-ranking Professor Yi Zhang in 1949 and moved from Dalian to Zunyi in 1969. Since 1982, Under the leadership of Professors Guo-Xiong Liu, Xie-Nan Huang, An-Sheng Sun and Jing-Shan Shi, the Department of pharmacology has made tremendous progress and achieved outstanding accomplishments.
It is the first approved University to recruit graduate students nationwide not only in 1955 but also in 1978. The Department was among the first to grant Master degree authorization after “Cultural Revolution” in 1981. Since 2001, the Department co-trained doctoral graduate students with other universities, such as Chongqing Medical University and Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
The Department was firstly awarded the Key Discipline of Guizhou in 1992 and re-awarded in 2003. It was also firstly awarded Teaching Excellence of Guizhou in 2003 and re-awarded in 2009. In 2006, “the Key Lab of Basic Pharmacology of Guizhou” was established. The Department was named the first batch of Science and Technology Innovation Team of Guizhou in 2008 and Teaching Excellence Team in 2009. In the collaboration with Guizhou Bailing Pharmaceutical Company, the Pharmacology and Toxicology of Graduate Education Innovation Base was founded. In 2010, it was awarded the “Medical Creative Talent Base of Guizhou subdivision. In 2011, the Department of Pharmacology was affiliated to the Key Lab of Basic Pharmacology of Guizhou. In 2012, it was awarded “National Key (Cultivation) Discipline”. In 2013, this lab was awarded “the Key Lab of Basic Pharmacology of Ministry of Education”. In 2015, it was firstly awarded “Graduate Education Teaching Achievement Award of Guizhou” (first class). Currently, the Faculty consists of various levels of talents with appropriate age, academic title and educational background.
In the teaching and scientific research, we inherit and develop the spirit of “education by teaching and education by rigorous discipline”. Upon imparting the basic knowledge, we pay special attention to foster the creative thinking and innovative capability. We undertake the teaching task of Pharmacology, Clinical Pharmacology and Development of Pharmacology and Pharmacology Experiment and Functional Experiment. Besides, we provide the internship practice for undergraduate students in and outside Zunyi Medical University and guide them to complete the bachelor thesis. Furthermore, we also provide the practical platform for the “Undergraduate Design Innovation” project. In the graduate student training, we are experienced in stimulating their innovative spirit and have got excellent results.
The Key Lab has three stable and well-developed directions including Neuropharmacology, Cardiovascular pharmacology and Pharmacokinetics and Toxicology. From 2009, we have undertaken 24 research projects funded by the National Government and more than 95 by local Administrations. The research funds have reached to over ¥27,000,000. We have published more than 210 academic papers, among which 67 papers have been indexed by SCI and 98 by Chinese Core Journals. Additionally, we have won many Guizhou Science and Technology Progress Awards, including one first class, two second class and two third class and Guizhou Medical Association Science and Technology Award (two first class) and one National Utility Model Patent.
The Key Lab of Basic Pharmacology of Guizhou focuses on teaching-centred pattern and integrates teaching with scientific research to serve the society, and contributes to train talents for medical and pharmaceutical development, and makes contributions to Zunyi Medical University and Guizhou province in scientific research and practice.
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