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“English Teaching in Asia” International English Education Forum held successfully in ZunYi Grand Hotel
2015-11-02   审核人:

On October 31, “English Teaching in Asia” International English Education Forum was held in ZunYi Grand Hotel. The forum was jointly hosted by ZunYi Medical University and Beijing Language and Culture University(BLCU), and co-organized by the school of foreign language of ZMU. Firstly, the dean of School of Foreign Language of ZMU professor Tan Zhanhai made a welcome address, in which he thanked for both the coming of all the experts and support as well as help to our university. Then the dean of English College of BLCU professor Wu Ping, the senior President of J.F. Oberlin University professor KOIKE Kazuo delivered addresses, and then the vice president of ZMU professor Li Chunming addressed a welcoming speech which made a brief introduction about ZMU and its development.

After the opening ceremony, the distinguished guests, the representatives and other participants took photos together.

Then professor KOIKE Kazuo from Oberlin University made a report named ”Key Events in the Formation of President-day English” , which shows the process of development of English. Professor Nin Yizhong made a speech called ”A study of Overhearing: the Categorization, Narrative Situation, and Function”, Professor MATSUDA Mariko’s “Challenges in Translating ‘International’ Novels: Ishiguro’s Early Works Set in Japan”, and Professor Hong Yun From GuiZhou University presented a report named ”Cultural Self-Consciousness and Self-Commentary in Foreign Language Teaching ”.

In the afternoon, the keynote speech continued as the arrangement. Professor Wu Ping from BLCU gave a lecture named “ The Comparison of Four English Versions Of ‘Rickshaw Boy’: A parallel Corpus Approach”, Professor Tian Xingbin from TongRen University made a speech on ” The model for Online Task-based Interactive Listening for EFL Learner”, “Semantic Distribution of Polysemous Verbs in Junior High School English Textbooks in Japan”, a speech from Professor MATSUKUBO Akiko from Oberlin University was presented. Then Professor Song Dingyu from ZMU made a presentation about ”An Investigation into Negative Concord in Chinese ”, and Professor Wang Mei from ZMU presented a masterly speech on “The importance of Communicative Activities in English Grammar Courses for English Majors and the Value of Chinese Cultural Elements in These Activities”. Finally, the forum was ended with the Professor Tan Zhanhai’s summing-up report.





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