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Tea Mean Won the Third Prize in Southwest China Regional Contest of the 2017 “FLTRP Cup” National Business English Practice Competition
2017-10-31 Wang Qisun  商务英语教研室 审核人:


On November 22, 2017, the Southwest China Regional Contest of the 2017 “FLTRP Cup” National Business English Practice Competition was successfully held in Chongqing Technology and Business University. The Tea Mean team from Zunyi Medical University stood out from 13 student teams from the universities in Southwest Region. At the end of the competition the Tea Mean team won the Third prize.

The theme of this contest is “Craftsmanship: In pursuit of Excellence”, and the event aimed to improve students commercial communications and boost university students’ ability to integrate business theories with practical field work. The Tea Mean team participated in the final, accompanied by Vice Professor Zhang Hui (Director of Business English Office), and Ms. Wang Yanan(Instructor).

The competing teams were required to investigate enterprise undertakings in terms of craftsmanship to meet challenges in the fast changing business environment and present their suggestions for companies to better fulfill their social roles. The event was supported by some domestic private enterprises in Southwest Region. They will provide internships to competitors. According to the theme of the contest, Tea Mean chose Guizhou Meitan Lanxin Tea Company as the respondent. For leading to tangible improvements in the organization’s competitiveness by making proposals in improving products and services quality, Tea Mean did a field research about Lanxin in the process of tea production, management and sales. The team members understood and analyzed Lanxin’s business philosophy and management model. Finally they applied some commercial theories to reality and proposed some feasible suggestions of how to improve the quality of their products through a series of discussion.

In the contest the students had a better understanding about the importance of personal qualities learned from the craftsmanship spirit. On the stage Tea Mean made a wonderful presentation and shared enlightenment learned from Lanxin’s craftsmanship spirit. They were honorably granted the Third Prize and left deep impressions on the judges and audience. (Writer:Wang Qisun Photographer:Wang Yanan Translator: Xie Jianyi)

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