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Labor Union
2012-07-03   审核人:

Restored in 1980,supervised by the Party Committee and superior labour union, holding Deng Xiao-ping Theory and the important thought of Three Represents as Guiding Ideology , thelabour union lawas code of conduct and the people oriented concept as work ethic,the labour union of Zunyi Medical College acts as a link between the Party Committee and the staff .The union dedicates to constructing,maintaining and participating in educational functions .The union are also responsible for improving the democratic management system,the implementation of "heart-warming project",enriching the cultural life of the college as well as reinforcing the construction of the labour union organizations.The union has achieved greatly in inspiring the staff's sense of responsibility and initiatives to take part in democratic management.Transformation of views ,breakthrough in key work and the new development of labour union presents the union titles of" advanced labour union in educational circle" .

Supported by functional departments of the College ,the union develops continuously through the staff's efforts.Altogether ,there are 8 departments and 47 groups and 5 offices : the labour union office ,the female employee's committee,the office of exercising School Affairs Publicity , funding scrutiny committee as well as the office of family planing.

The union formulated theduties of chairman of the labour union,duties of the labour union office,duties ofthe office of exercising School Affairs Publicity,duties of financial staff ,regulations of using funds ,interim regulation of labour union of Zunyi Medical College,interim regulation of departments' labour union,interim regulation of the female employee's committee,interim regulation of family planing. Quantitative assessment approaches and detailed regulations of departments' labour union,detailed regulations of teacher's ethics construction ,assessmnet rules of self evaluation of making school affairs public,duties of the office of school affairs publicity,regulations of document management of making school affairs public, letters of commitment of labour union serving teaching .all the regulations and rules formed a operational management system.

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