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Party Affairs Office
2014-09-16   审核人:

The President’s Office is a comprehensive administrative organization of the University. Its main functions are to carry out the decisions of the University Party committee and the administrative departments; to serve the University officials, different departments, teachers and students; to organize, coordinate, and supervise administrative works; to deal with documents and information exchanges; to receive the people’s visits; to maintain confidential information; to do comprehensive statistics, to carry our external communication; to organize important activities; to manage comprehensive works and so on.

The major responsibilities of the President’s Office are as follows:

    • To be responsible for organizing official meetings chaired by the presidents; compiling and printing minutes; supervising and coordinating the implementation of the important decisions of the meetings.
    • To coordinate and supervise the works among the different administrative units and departments following the University officials’ instructions.
    • To deal with daily affairs of the University, to organize and coordinate important administrative activities, to carry out external communication and to receive distinguished guests.
    • To arrange daily affairs, such as the University officials’ meetings, visits and receptions.
    • To be responsible for drafting important documents and lectures of the university officials.
    • To be responsible for handling administrative documents and to supervise the management of official papers of the different units.
    • To deal with the letters and visits of people outside the university and to coordinate between the internal and external work of the University and the work between superior and subordinate.
    • To be responsible for collecting, reporting and disseminating some important information, to do the comprehensive statistic of the University data.
    • To be responsible for promoting the office network and managing, maintaining and updating the University website.
    • To be responsible for receiving and maintaining confidential administrative information.
    • To protect the University’s image and be responsible for the use of the intangible assets, such as the name, symbol, stamp and reputation of the University; and to produce University gifts.
    • To be responsible for the management and the use of the university stamp and recommendation letter, and for verifying and producing the stamps for different administrative units and research organizations.
    • To be responsible for assigning and adjusting University offices
    • To carry out other responsibilities for the University officials.

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