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Department of Research Administration
2014-09-16   审核人:

Department of Research Administration led by the Party committee is a functional department responsible for administration of research work at Zunyi Medical University. Its main tasks include organizing and coordinating large scientific research projects, managing scientific research funds and projects, providing assistance for participating large domestic or international academic conferences, promoting and encouraging research achievement, assisting in prosecuting and managing patent applications; and detailed responsibilities shows below:

1).planning, drafting and implementing regulations and methods on administration of research work,

2).organizing and assisting in application for research projects sponsored by government, supervising execution of the projects and managing fund thereof,

3).assisting in establishment for scientific institution under control of government, especially in applying, demonstrating and evaluating involved in the establishment,

4).organizing researchers to attend domestic and international academic conferences, scientific and technological information publication meetings as well as high technology exhibition,

5).organizing and assisting in managing and recording contract of scientific research project,

6).organizing internal and external appraisal, examination and evaluation, acceptance of research achievement; assisting in promoting application and applying reward of said research achievement,

7).assisting in application of confidential project sponsored by government, and recording and managing said confidential project,

8).assisting in research related patent prosecution and intellectual property protection,and

9).other works related.

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