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Department of International Exchange and Cooperation
2014-09-16   审核人:

1. Implementing guidelines, policies and regulations of the Party and Nation relevant to open schooling and foreign affairs; drawing up plans for the university about open schooling and foreign affairs.

2. Reinforcing Publicity for the university on open schooling and foreign affairs; assisting relevant authorities in dealing with security work related to foreign affairs.

3. In charge of employment, reception and management of foreign experts and teachers; assisting them with visa applications, orientation, housing and health insurance.

4. Helping teachers and students of the University with their visa application procedures for going abroad to lecture, attend international conferences and etc.

5. Taking charge of the admission and management of overseas students.

6. Collaborating with sub-colleges and departments on their exchange, cooperation and Bilingual Teaching, as well as the application for the visiting scholar of the teaching staff.

7. Dealing with connection, reception, and visits with scholars, visitors and Cooperation Units at home and abroad.

8. Responsible for promoting the academic and educational exchanges with universities and institutions both internationally and domestically.

9. Drafting and helping to sign agreements with foreign universities and institutions, and implementation of the agreements.

10.Promoting, developing, organizing, and implementing international training programs, summer programs, exchange students programs for students.

11. Organizing and implementing Sino-foreign cooperation programs in education and joint training programs; verifying overseas sponsorship and lectures involving foreign affairs.

12. Applying for hosting international conferences, or assisting relevant authorities in dealing with foreign affairs during the process of application and conference.

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