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2012-06-27   审核人:

For promoting the scientific information construction of the college and the development of the campus network,the Network Center of Zunyi Medical College(NCZMC)was formally established in May 1999, which is mainly responsible for network construction, the development of information resources and the network operation and management. NCZMC has been awarded the honor of “Model of National Educational Website System "in 2004 .It became “Director Member of Educational informatization” of Ministry of Education in 2005. NCZMC became the main node of Zunyi City in CERNET since the China Education and Research Network Center has approved in May 2005.

There is acenter room in NCZMC, which includs 13 servers, 155 switches, 3 routers, 6 uninterruptible power equipment, 2 sets of network firewall, a antivirus software, a set of information gateway,180 personal computers and other equipments that required for the construction of campus network

Nettwork information section , network administration section and electron educating section subordinate to NCZMC. Network information section has the responsibility of user administration, network service (email , domain name , agency , meter waste , address allocation , information announce) ,resource management of network application system and so on. The network administration section has the responsibility of inspection and maintenance of network equipment, network planning, network construction, network security and equipment operation. The Electronic education section has the responsibility of management and maintenance of the radio and educational television(two closed-circuit television system), living large academic activities, theatrical performances ,program of “weekly news” and others.

Since 1999, the CERNET has been upgraded from DDN 64K to VPN10M, and ADSL 2M has upgraded to 300M optical fiber access in the CHINANET. And all kinds of network services were provided by NCZMC for nearly 5,000 users of the College and affiliated hospitals,such as mail service, DNS, database query (mainly for library), educational administration, Office, Web conferencing, online scientific reporting, VOD on demand and so on.

which is connected by fiber-optic in length of 20km, including 3528 ports .. The campus network coverage is 100%,and there are 4,480 information points in campus network,and, about 1420 information points is allocated office building and the teaching and research building, nearly 1200 information points in the dormitory of teacher, almost 1860 information points in the dormitory of student. Now there are more than 4,000 registered users and more than 1000 users online daily average in campus network.

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Zip Code: 563003

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