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Research Center for Medicine and Biology
2013-01-11   审核人:

The Research Center for Medicine and Biology of Zunyi Medical University (formerly known as the center laboratory of Zunyi Medical College) was established in 1985 as one subordinate unit of the Science and Research Office of Zunyi Medical College. In 2010 it relocated to the New Research Building and separated from the Science and Research Office, also officially changed its name to The Research Center for Medicine and Biology, a division-level department which was approved by the Commission Office for Public Sector Reform of Guizhou Province and under the directly guidance of Vice Presiden in the same year.

After more than 20 years of infrastructure construction and development, the Research Center for Medicine and Biology of Zunyi Medical University has become the most important base for scientific research and graduate students training in Zunyi Medical University with a research building of about 4,000 m2and over 30 million RMB scientific equipments. According to Zunyi Medical University's policy of optimizing and research resources sharing, the Research Center has suitable experimentalists and furnished a lot of sophisticated equipments for scientific research inside and outside of Zunyi Medical University.

The Research Center for Medicine and Biology is available for bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees students and the other researchers inside and outside of Zunyi Medical University. Nowadays, most scientific research projects, including local (College, Zunyi municipality), Provincial (Department of Science and Technology, Ministry of Health and Educational Committee, Guizhou Province), and National (National Natural Science Foundation, 973, and 863) are performed in this Research Center. The Research Center offers comprehensive medical and biology training course, and provides internships for undergraduate students and technical support and service for other colleges and hospitals.

The Research Center now has 8 research platforms include Cell Culture and Analytical Technology, Molecular Biology, Proteomics, Electrophysiology, Anesthesia and Organ Protection, Organ Transplantation, Electron Microscopy and Animal Facilities with the addition of Liquid Nitrogen Production & Cold Storage facilities. There are 8 laboratories affiliated to the center including Cellular and Molecular Immunology Laboratory, Anesthesia and Organ Protection Laboratory, Organ Transplantation Laboratory, Gastrointestinal Physiology Laboratory, Oral Biomedical Laboratory, Cardiovascular Laboratory and Microbial Resources & Drug Development Laboratory.

The Research Center has 22 fixed-term staff members, including 18 researchers ( 1 professor, 4 associate professors, 1 associate research fellow, 3 Senior experimentalist, 6 lecturers and 3 primary title members ), 2 technicians and 2 division-level managers. Additionally, 3 migrant professors (part-time professors) of Guizhou Province, 4 Visiting professors and an 11-member Expert Scientific Committee constitute the Research Center faculty.

The utmost goal of the Research Center are teaching, service and management and base on the scientific research aims to improve teaching standards. Providing highly qualified service for teaching, scientific research and medical treatment both inside and outside of Zunyi Medical University.

Address:No. 201 Dalian Road, Zunyi City, Guizhou Province

Post code :563000

Phone :0852-8609007

E-mail: zmczxsys@zmc.edu.cn

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