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Meditation Tips for Beginners
2014-07-21   审核人:



Everyone’s heard of meditation, but how many of us really understand what it is, or how we do it? Meditation can help people quiet their mind, relax, and reduce stress. But to many, meditation can be a bit overwhelming or confusing if unfamiliar with the concepts and fundamental beliefs behind its exercises. Once understood, meditation is not as daunting, and the only thing left overwhelming is the amount of health benefits that result from regular meditation. Lower blood pressure, improved blood circulation, lower heart rate, and lessened anxiety are a few of the many benefits. Meditation is all about self-awareness, and de-cluttering your mind with relaxation and breathing exercises. Everyone starts somewhere! Follow these simple tips to help you start your journey with meditation.


- 1.Sit or lie comfortably, if you enjoy meditation you can invest in a meditation chair.

- 2.Close your eyes, and breathe naturally.

- 3.Focus your attention on your breathing, and how your body moves with every inhalation and exhalation. Notice how your body moves by observing your chest, shoulders, ribs, and stomach. Focus solely on the movements of your body. Do this for 2-3 minutes to familiarize yourself, and eventually graduate to longer periods.

- 4.As you keep practicing, understand what meditation can do for you. Coping with stress, anxiety, over-thinking or irritability are some of the most common reasons for meditation. As you become more comfortable with meditation, you’ll become increasingly aware of your mind and how and when it drifts. Psychology today writes, “Becoming aware of what you’re thinking is the basis of successful Cognitive Therapy. You can’t restructure your thoughts if you haven’t first developed the ability to identify your thoughts. Another useful goal for meditation beginners is being able to redirect your attention back to your point of focus without criticizing yourself.”

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